Efficient Attic Floor Air Leak Sealing Services to Enhance Comfort And Energy Savings

Efficient Attic Floor Air Leak Sealing Services to Enhance Comfort And Energy Savings

Elevate your thermal boundry, your comfort and your energy savings with our expert attic floor air leak sealing services for homes in the Dallas metroplex.

Elevate your thermal boundry, your comfort and your energy savings with our expert attic floor air leak sealing services for homes in the Dallas metroplex.

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Attic Floor Air Leak Sealing Service

Attic Floor Air Sealing Service

When homes undergo weatherization, most attention tends to be on obvious air leaks like doors and windows, which are undoubtedly important. However, numerous homes harbor less visible yet significantly more impactful air leaks often found in unexpected, overlooked areas, particularly in the attic. Air leakage between the home and attic tends to introduce considerable dust and unwanted temperatures year-round.

These hidden leaks around plumbing stacks, wall plates, electrical holes, attic access, recessed light fixtures, and other concealed attic locations can disrupt comfort and affect heating/cooling systems. Sealing the attic floor effectively prevents the intrusion of dust, undesirable air, and temperatures into the home. This not only enhances comfort and efficiency but also transforms insulation. Attic floor air leak sealing enables insulation to operate like a true thermal boundary rather than just acting as an air filter, ensuring it functions to its fullest potential.

Attic Floor Air Sealing
Why Perform Attic Floor Air Leak Sealing

Why Perform Attic Floor Air Leak Sealing

Air leak sealing attic floor

Making attic floor air leak sealing a priority after removing old insulation is the best decision you can make before installing new blown insulation. After the removal of aged, ineffective or contaminated insulation, the attic floor air leaks are easy to find and indentify. Air sealing these locations is crucial to create a tight air sealed home, preventing conditioned air from escaping and external air from infiltrating your home. This meticulous air sealing process ensures that the new blown insulation can perform at its optimal level while creating a true thermal boundry.By addressing air leaks before installing new insulation, homeowners not only optimize the effectiveness of the reinstalled insulation material but also greatly improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort of their homes.

At Perkins Energy Conservation, we recognize the huge role that air sealing plays in the insulation process. Our expert technicians focus on identifying and sealing all potential air leaks in the attic floor, employing industry-leading techniques and materials. This proactive approach not only extends the lifespan of the insulation but also contributes to long-term energy savings. Incorporating attic floor air sealing into the insulation process enables homeowners to achieve a more energy-efficient home, increased comfort, and lasting savings on utility expenses.

Why Air Seal The Attic Floor:

  • Air sealing the attic floor prevents the escape of conditioned air, reducing the workload on HVAC systems.
  • Sealing air leaks ensures a consistent indoor temperature, eliminating drafts and enhancing overall comfort.
  • A well-sealed attic floor leads to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.
  • Sealing prevents the entry of outdoor pollutants, dust, and allergens, contributing to better indoor air quality.
  • Reduced air leakage means less strain on heating and cooling systems, promoting longevity.
  • Sealed attics provide insulation against both heat and cold, ensuring comfort throughout the year.
  • Air sealing minimizes the passage of outdoor noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.
  • Air sealing enables insulation to work at its full potential, acting as a true thermal boundary
Attic floor air leaks
Recessed can light covers
sealing air leaks
foaming attic floor air leaks
What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?

Duct Leak Sealing

AeroSeal Duct Leak Sealing

Test and seal HVAC duct leaks before blowing insualtion.

Blown Insulation

Blown In Attic Insualation

Planning on installing blown insulation after removal?

Enjoy You Home

Comfort Upgrades, Power Savings

Blown insulation is best left as the final project for your attic.

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Is Your Attic Costing You Money?!?!

All it takes is a quick peek to find out! Many older homes have more air leaks and less insulation than homes built today. If your attic floor is insulated but the wood beams (joists) are still visible, you probably don’t have enough attic insulation and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to us today for a free insulation quote!

Measure Blown Attic Insulation

Ashley S.

Lewisville Tx.

This was the only company I could find that actually had special tools to come physically find the problem areas at my house instead of just telling me I needed insulation and an attic fan. My home was leaking air all over the place and I had a disconnected duct that was blowing air into the attic. Insulation alone would never have solved my proplems and no other company that gave me a quote even mentioned the duct work problem. The pictures and report they send in the audit are very detailed and actually show the problem areas to you. Scott and his team are a win!

Sheila J.

Plano Tx.

I had the pleasure of having Perkins Energy Conservation and staff into my home for an energy efficiency assessment. I was very pleased with the excellent workmanship. Perkins Energy Conservation explained in a way that I could understand how simple matters in the air conditioning such as leaks and setup could cost me additional money on my energy bill. The staff are personable and easy to communicate with and I highly recommend them.

Chris G.

Carrollton Tx.

Perkins Energy Conservation has made drastic improvements to my household, saving me money and making my home much more comfortable. The attic insulation removal and reinstall job they preformed on my home combined with the home weatherization and duct sealing made my home much warmer in the winter and much cooler in the summer. Their services are top notch and any home owner/renter should take advantage of what Scott can do for your home!

Jonathan C.

Frisco Tx.

They were great! Came as scheduled to do audit, gave me several choices of how to proceed after the complete home performance test. Work was done on time, as scheduled. They completely cleaned up area they worked in. New insulation and air sealing is great and such a money saver on heating this past winter.

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