Home Performance Air Leak Testing, Insulation Assesments and Energy Efficiency Recommendations

Home Performance Air Leak Testing, Insulation Assesments and Energy Efficiency Recommendations

Guiding homeowners through testing for informed decisions to optimize their home's energy efficiency and comfort. Eliminate the other guys' guessing - let us do the testing!.

Guiding homeowners through testing for informed decisions to optimize their home's energy efficiency and comfort. Eliminate the other guys' guessing - let us do the testing!.

Perkins Energy Conservation

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About Us

At Perkins Inc., we are unwavering in our commitment to the rigorous testing and assessment of your home's performance. These meticulous examinations are the cornerstone of our mission, playing an integral role in uncovering opportunities for energy conservation, cost savings, and heightened comfort for our valued customers.
At Perkins Energy Conservation, we do not rely on guesswork or offer one-size-fits-all solutions, such as simply adding insulation to your home. With nearly two decades of experience, we employ specialized equipment to thoroughly analyze a home's unique characteristics, providing data-driven recommendations that are both reliable and precise.
Our comprehensive suite of energy conservation services spans from thorough energy audits to expert repairs. We excel in the installation of energy-efficient measures, including cellulose and fiberglass attic insulation, insulation removal, cutting-edge spray foam insulation, replacement vinyl windows, and cutting-edge spray-on and foil radiant barriers. In addition, we possess expertise in addressing air infiltration issues through meticulous weatherization techniques and conducting precise assessments of duct integrity to identify and rectify duct leaks within homes.
Rest assured, when you choose Perkins Inc., you are selecting a partner that prioritizes the science of home performance evaluation to ensure your energy conservation and comfort needs are met with precision and expertise.

Testing Is The Ticket

Testing Is The Ticket

Blower Door Testing


  • Blower Door Pressure Test
  • Infrared Scan
  • Pictures Of Problem Areas
  • Gas Leak Test If Applicable
  • Report Of Air Tightness Testing
  • Report Of Air Tightness Testing
  • $50 Additioanl For Pressure Pan Test
  • Duct Leak Testing Not Included
  • Repairs Not Made

Duct Leak Testing

$250 / per unit

  • Duct Blaster Pressure Test
  • Duct Leak Inspection
  • Duct Condition Inspection
  • Report Of Duct Pressure Test
  • Pictures Of Problem Areas
  • Infrared Test
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Repairs Not Made
Our Services

Our Services

Blower Door Air Leak Tesing

Blower Door Testing

Enhancing your home's energy efficiency and comfort means addressing air leaks that let air escape or enter your house. A blower door is the tool that measures the precise amount of air leaks in your home's structure. It helps pinpoint exactly where the air is leaking in or out, allowing for accurate air sealing improvements to be made, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient home.

HVAC Duct Leak Testing

Duct Leak Testing / Sealing

In an ideal scenario, HVAC contractors would meticulously seal the air-moving and conditioning systems they install. However, this is often not the case with most HVAC contractors. Choosing to conduct leak testing and seal your ducts, return air, and HVAC system elevates efficiency, minimizes potential leak points, and creates a more comfortable home environment.

Energy Audit

Home Performance Testing

Evaluating a residential home's energy efficiency through home performance testing utilizes advanced tools such as a blower door, duct blaster, and infrared camera. These specialized assessments are aimed at pinpointing air leaks and analyzing the thermal envelope's quality, ensuring a more airtight and energy-efficient living space.

Attic Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal

Attic insulation removal is sometimes a necessary process that deserves careful consideration. This difficult yet often required task can substantially improve your home's comfort, efficiency, and indoor living environment. An attic filled with outdated, dusty, potentially hazardous insulation compromised by allergens or animal infestations poses health concerns and hampers energy efficiency. At Perkins Inc., we specialize in safely and efficiently removing such insulation throughout the Dallas metroplex.

Attic Floor Air Leak Sealing

Attic Floor Air Sealing

Sealing air leaks in the attic floor stands as a major enhancement for both energy conservation and heightened comfort. Surprisingly, some of the most wasteful and disregarded air leaks often exist within your attic, allowing for the infiltration of dust and unwanted temperatures throughout the year. Most insulation materials, while effective, inherently possess high air permeability and don't serve as complete air barriers. Air leakage through insulation materials mirrors air filtering, diminishing the insulation's thermal resistance.

Blown Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Blown Insulation

Ensuring proper attic insulation in Dallas is important for maintaining lower overall heating and cooling costs. Ample insulation protects your home against unwanted heat loss or gain, improving year-round comfort. Unless your home was specifically constructed for energy efficiency, it's likely that your attic insulation can significantly benefit from enhancements. While insulation serves as a final step in attic energy conservation upgrades, it's essential to first address air sealing, bathroom exhausts, HVAC leaks, and ventilation first for optimal results!

Spray Foam Attic Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, known as polyurethane spray foam, comes in two main types: open-cell and closed-cell. This versatile material effectively insulates and air seals, applied to walls, ceilings, floors, crawl spaces, and attics to reduce energy loss and cut heating and cooling costs significantly in both new and existing homes. The differences between open-cell and closed-cell foam relate to strength, moisture permeability, R-value, and flexibility.

Attic Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier

Typical insulation materials such as fiberglass and cellulose work by absorbing or slowing down heat movement through conduction, convection, and radiant heat transfer. Radiant heat transfer, in particular, is a primary mode of heat movement. Radiant barriers function by reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. The installation of a foil radiant barrier in your attic can significantly reduce summertime attic temperatures, boosting the effectiveness of your current insulation.

Pella Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

Burris TectView Windows by Pella specializes in crafting premium-quality custom windows for our customers across the DFW area. Our product range comprises various window styles like single-hung, slider, casement, picture, and geometric windows, ensuring durable, high-performance selections. Opting for window installations through Perkins Inc., guarantees a long-standing partnership from the window's manufacturing process to our installation, ensuring a quality window upgrade.

Something To Think About

Something To Think About

Duct Leak Sealing

Do you struggle with maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature in your home, noticing either constant HVAC operation or inconsistent room temperatures?

The challenges you're facing with maintaining a comfortable temperature might be due to supply or return duct leaks. Additionally, air barrier issues could be allowing unwanted hot or cold air to enter your home faster than your HVAC system can condition it, contributing to these difficulties. Home performance testing can uncover underlying issues in your home, preventing you from spending money on upgrades that don't address the root problems.

Contaminated Insulation Removal

Old, dusty insulation or attic-to-home air leaks causing discomfort and aggravating allergies?

Removing old insulation, sealing air leaks in the attic floor and installing new GreenGuard Certified insulation will minimize indoor irritants, boosting comfort, and establishing a proper thermal boundary within your home.

Foggy Windows Need Replaced

Are your standard builder-grade windows experiencing foggy glass, condensation along the frames, and lacking thermal upgrades?

Replacing old windows with new Energy Star-rated vinyl windows enhances both the comfort and aesthetics of your home by improving insulation, reducing drafts, and offering a fresh, appealing look while also helping to regulate indoor temperatures more effectively

Conditioned Spray Foam Attic

Have you considered the benefits of different insulation materials when aiming to enhance your home's energy efficiency?

Boosting insulation with blown material is beneficial, yet spraying foam offers superior insulation by not only insulating but also halting air leaks, a capability that fiberglass or cellulose lack. Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming the future and is an upgrade you should strongly consider for your property.

Is Your Attic Costing You Money?!?!

All it takes is a quick peek to find out! Many older homes have more air leaks and less insulation than homes built today. If your attic floor is insulated but the wood beams (joists) are still visible, you probably don’t have enough attic insulation and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to us today for a free insulation quote!

How Much Attic Insulation Should You Have

Ashley S.

Lewisville Tx.

This was the only company I could find that actually had special tools to come physically find the problem areas at my house instead of just telling me I needed insulation and an attic fan. My home was leaking air all over the place and I had a disconnected duct that was blowing air into the attic. Insulation alone would never have solved my proplems and no other company that gave me a quote even mentioned the duct work problem. The pictures and report they send in the audit are very detailed and actually show the problem areas to you. Scott and his team are a win!

Sheila J.

Plano Tx.

I had the pleasure of having Perkins Energy Conservation and staff into my home for an energy efficiency assessment. I was very pleased with the excellent workmanship. Perkins Energy Conservation explained in a way that I could understand how simple matters in the air conditioning such as leaks and setup could cost me additional money on my energy bill. The staff are personable and easy to communicate with and I highly recommend them.

Chris G.

Carrollton Tx.

Perkins Energy Conservation has made drastic improvements to my household, saving me money and making my home much more comfortable. The attic insulation removal and reinstall job they preformed on my home combined with the home weatherization and duct sealing made my home much warmer in the winter and much cooler in the summer. Their services are top notch and any home owner/renter should take advantage of what Scott can do for your home!

Jonathan C.

Frisco Tx.

They were great! Came as scheduled to do audit, gave me several choices of how to proceed after the complete home performance test. Work was done on time, as scheduled. They completely cleaned up area they worked in. New insulation and air sealing is great and such a money saver on heating this past winter.

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